Name: Arnold Simkus

Age: 75 

Family :

Married, three children, one grandchild. 

Education :

• Cass Tech High, Detroit, Aeronautical, All-City Tackle, Co-Captain Football Team


• U of M, Ann Arbor, School of Education, Math Major, English Minor; 6 th Round Draft Pick by NFL World Champions Cleveland Browns, Signed with the New York Jets with Alabama’s All-American Quarterback, #1 Draft Pick, Broadway Joe Namath; ended NFL pro career with the Minnesota Vikings member of their Purple Gang defensive team. 

• New York University, New York, Computer Science, Child Psychology. 

• U of M Oakland County Campus, Life Sciences: Hospital Administration. 

Current occupation : 

❖ Founder/CEO, Expert Enterprises Inc. Technology and Health Recovery, 25 yrs. 

❖ CMO IMRTech, Transportable Individual Medical Records start-up; software design for patients and their doctors at the point-of-care for tablets and smartphones, 20 years. 

❖ Principal, Expert Energy Management, Energy consultants for churches, profits and nonprofits. 11 yrs. 

❖ Sr. Fellow International, National Minority Technology Council, Washington D.C., .5 yrs.

 Experience in politics, elected office and/or administration :

 1. The Freedom Council, member; National grass roots engage-in-politics organization founded by Rev. Pat Robertson, 1987 

2. Precinct Delegate, Michigan GOP, Jack Kemp for President Precinct Delegate, 1988 

3. 4 th Vice Chair, Michigan GOP 1988 – 1990

Why should people vote for you ? 

I’m a Trump-Democrat, 100% Trump Loyalist. I’m running to give hard working, law-abiding, pro-America Democrats and Independents A CHOICE between a performance-based politician who  works hard to earn a living versus a decades-long career politician who’s done EXACTLY WHAT for our county? 

First, I’d declare Macomb County’s roads a major disaster, immediately apply for emergency federal loans to fix our roads starting in 2019 not wait for someone else to fix. Then I’d sell road branding rights to firms like INTEL where INTEL would repair and maintain our roads. Can one imagine 16 Mile called, “INTEL Boulevard”? This will build a budget surplus. 

Leverage Macomb County’s buying power to reduce our insurance costs by offering residents our county’s health, drugs, dental, vision, pension, life and car insurance coverage. Negotiate the same plans our county employees and elected county officials receive and offer them to our citizens. 

Are there any policies, procedures or actions (or lack thereof) by the current executive that should be changed/added/eliminated in the Executive Office? If yes, please explain (150-word limit): 

I’ll bring A LOT of new businesses of all types to Macomb County. We’ll create great paying jobs by bringing in new curriculums to train residents at no cost to taxpayer. Students will be taught highly marketable, high demand job skills. Once certified, folks will make $30+ per hour with great benefits. From grade schools on up, open enrollment to all residents. Today majority of our county’s 3rd graders flunk 3rd grade reading tests. New curriculums will fix these problems and bring new businesses because our residents will have the skills demanded by advanced growing companies.

Create “Golden Groesbeck New Jobs Alley”. Brand Groesbeck Highway as our new “Silicon Valley” of California fame. Groesbeck can become our county’s powerful economic engine. We’ll see new businesses spring-up: new manufacturing, engineering, training centers, data centers, cybersecurity, web, mobile apps, blockchain and software development take place. 

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